10:30 LRN Newscast August 13

Louisiana’s on-again-off-again abortion ban law is on again, and this time it may stick. The state Supreme Court Friday rejected an appeal by abortion rights activists seeking to keep clinics open. Loyola University law professor Dane Ciolino says the High Court’s denial did not surprise him. He feels plaintiff’s argument the state’s abortion trigger ban was too vague were not valid…:

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Lawyers for the plaintiffs say they are disappointed, but they’ll keep trying to reverse the law. Abortion clinics in Louisiana must not close and remain closed.

The Shreveport City Council agreed this week to ask Southwestern Electric Power Company to temporarily stop disconnecting utilities for late payments, but the company says the Council’s request will not prevent those cut-offs.  The Shreveport Times reports the council wants a hold on disconnects until at least November. SWEPCO says they already refrain from shut-offs when the temperatures are very high.


The St. Tammany Parish coroner warns drug users to be cautious of what pills you buy on the black market, because many contain highly dangerous fentanyl. Coroner Dr. Charles Preston says autopsies of a 22-year-old man – who died in June after taking a single pill – and a 15 year-old who died in July from a similar overdose showed the pills they took were 100-percent fentanyl. Dr. Preston says the fentanyl scourge is growing like a weed…:

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A New Orleans judge denies bond reduction for four teens who beat and carjacked an elderly woman in March; dragging her to her death. The victim, Linda Frickey, had her arm torn off and bled to death in the street. The four defendants – one boy and three girls – are charged with 2nd degree murder and all four pleaded not guilty. They will remain behind bars, pending bonds of $1-million each.