8:30 LRN News cast August 13

The coroner in St. Tammany Parish is very concerned with escalating fentanyl overdose deaths; especially because people may not even know that is what they are taking. Dr. Charles Preston says pills bought and sold on the street may look like semi-harmless pain relievers, but many contain highly dangerous fentanyl. He says the recent death of a 22-year-old man after taking a single pill is cause for alarm…:

CUT 06  (14)        “…in the community”

Preston says if it didn’t come from a pharmacy don’t ingest it.

More videos are turning up of alleged animal abuse at a dog training school in the Rapides parish town of Lena. In the videos, one can see dogs forcibly pushed to the ground, hit and more. One owner tells KALB in Alexandria the owner of Cypress Arrow Kennel advised her to get a wiffle ball bat and hit her misbehaving dog in the face. The Rapides Sheriff’s Office is investigating.


A judge has denied Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal’s attempt to collect almost $ 40 thousand in back taxes from a Mount Herman cattle rancher, who sells cuts of beef directly to customers at his farm. Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain says the lawsuit against beef farmer Jason Smith was probably because of some confusion with state tax law, as to what can and cannot be taxed. Strain says he feels the language of the tax code is clear…:

CUT 03(05)      “…taxing authority.”

The judge agreed and dismissed the case. Sheriff Seal says the matter is finished and he plans no appeal.

The LSU Tigers’ first game with Brain Kelly at the helm is just two weeks away, but it appears he’s already showing much success with his second recruiting class. Tiger Rag Assistant Editor William Weathers says what appeared to be a slow start for Kelly has picked up steam and is now 6th in the nation…:

CUT 13(09)      “…right now.”