09:30 LRN Newscast, July 5th

With the 2022 midterm elections closing in, could a GOP wave be forming? All but 2 states – Louisiana and Delaware – have qualified candidates. JMC Analytics pollster and political analyst John Couvillon says there’s been relatively little increase in newly registered Democrats, but…:
Cut 11 (11) “…independent registration.”
He says the GOP is galvanized against the Biden administration and its policies.

The Louisiana National Guard has officially ended its COVID response, after 27 months of community support. Service members assisted in more than 636 thousand COVID tests. Task Force COVID Commander Brig. General Cindy Haygood says they also stepped up to help with vaccines…:
Cut 5 (09) “medical course”
Service members administered more than 234-thousand vaccinations.

Louisiana’s economy is in the midst of a steep decline as the GDP fell by 4-point-3 percent, a rate almost three times worse than the US, during the first quarter of 2022. UL-Lafayette economist Gary Wagner says prior to the pandemic, Louisiana had the slowest growing economy in the entire nation…:
Cut 9 (12) “on average”
Numbers indicated that 46 of 50 states are seeing a decline in economic activity.

UL-Lafayette’s online summer continuing education courses kick off today, and course registration remains open for anyone interested in expanding or changing their career. Martha Bryant, director of the Office of Professional and Continuing Education, says in August she says they’ll be launching a cyber security certification course.
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Visit ce.louisiana.edu for more details.