10:30 LRN Newscast

The U-S Supreme Court has halted an effort for Louisiana to have two black majority Congressional districts. That means the 2022 Congressional election will use the map approved by the Republican-led Legislature that has one majority Black district out of six. Baton Rouge Senator Cleo Fields has been leading the push for a second majority minority district.
cut 14 (11) “….ruling of the court”
Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry says he’s grateful the Supreme Court ended this legal circus.

Fair Fight Initiative, which is a group of lawyers, say they will provide free legal services for anyone who is charged for participating in an abortion. Attorney David Utter…
cut 12 (09) “….been healthcare”
A New Orleans judge has put a hold on Louisiana’s abortion ban trigger laws.

A law set to get into effect on August first, would make it illegal to send drugs through the mail that can result in an abortion. Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt is author of the legislation…
cut 6 (10) “….with these pills”
The Food and Drug Administration approved the drugs 20 years ago and the U-S Attorney General says states can not ban these drugs.

We are heading into the fourth of July weekend. Todd Tullier with Louisiana Fireworks says so far, sales have been in line with what he’s seen the past few years. He expects with the high price of gas, and the 4th of July falling on a Monday, people may be more interested in some explosive at-home entertainment…..
cut 8 (09) “….do it themselves”
Tullier says the COVID pandemic generated a boost in sales as public gatherings were limited and families were forced to stay home.