11:30 LRN Newscast June 29

Since a temporary restraining order was placed on Louisiana abortion trigger laws Monday, abortions can continue. In an interview on Talk Louisiana this morning Director of the Hope Medical Center for Women in Shreveport Kathaleen Pittman says all their appointments booked until the July 8th court hearing and she’s having to turn patients away.

Cut 4  (11) “…the staff.”

A hearing scheduled for today in U-S District court is canceled as a result of the U-S Supreme Court putting a hold on a lower court rulings that said the Legislature must draw a map that allows for a Black candidate to represent two of the state’s six Congressional districts. House Governmental Affairs Chairman John Stefanski says they were waiting for the Supreme Court to weigh in…

Cut 6 (05) ” ..go through.” 

Governor Edwards signed into law another abortion-related bill last week; making it a crime for a company to send abortion pills through the mail. Bill author, Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt, who says the so-called “morning after pill” – which is actually usable up to 10 weeks – should only be taken by a woman under a doctor’s supervision…:

CUT 24 (11)      “…with this legislation”

That law takes effect August 1st.

A Louisiana legal advocates group says they’ll offer help to persons who find themselves facing criminal charges related to abortion. Here’s Fair Fight Initiative founding member David Utter…:

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For more information visit FairFightInitiative-dot org.