3:30 LRN Newscast May 19

A House-passed bill to prohibit smoking or vaping marijuana in a motor vehicle advances from Senate Transportation today. Metairie Representative Laurie Schlegel says her bill is to address the rising number of incidents of motorists using cannabis and then getting behind the wheel…:

CUT 12(08)      “…in a car.”

She amended the bill in committee, after issues were brought to light during a previous House debate that the legislation could be used to profile motorists. Schlegel says there’s been data from other states showing that once marijuana is legalized some individuals believe it means they are allowed to drive and use marijuana also. That bill now moves to the full Senate.

Police in Carencro say an argument between father & son led to a fatal shooting. 70-year-old Cuba Valliere is in jail for the alleged murder of his 34-year-old son, Terrence. The younger reportedly pulled a knife on Dad first.


The Senate approved the $39-billion state budget yesterday, and today the House will vote on concurrence of Senate amendments, and what could be final passage. Governor John Bel Edwards says he’s pleased the majority of his budget requests have been approved but he wishes the $2,000 teacher pay raises had made the cut, instead of the $1500 that WAS approved…:

CUT 03(12)      “…working out.”

New research from Pennington Biomedical Research Center suggests that cutting the amount of protein in your diet could add to your life. Study director Dr. Chris Morrison says a hormonal link between the brain, the body and protein restriction has been known for year. He says this study used mice to compare the body’s response either with or without the hormone leading to a deeper understanding of that link…:

CUT 07(12)      “…protein restricted.”

Will vegans be saying “I told you so?”