LRN PM Newscall May 19

As the state budget makes its way through the legislature Governor Edwards says, for the most part, he’s pleased lawmakers have accepted the majority of his funding requests. Brooke Thorington has more.

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A new study shows the connection between hormones, the brain, and our diet…David Grubb has the story.

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The Senate approved the $39-billion state budget Wednesday, and the House will vote on the concurrence of Senate amendments this afternoon. Governor John Bel Edwards says he’s pleased the majority of his budget requests have been approved but he wishes the $2,000 teacher pay raises had made the cut, instead of the $1500 raises that WERE approved…:

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The Senate-approved budget also includes a significant down payment of $300 million on a proposed Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge. Edwards says it’s the most significant infrastructure project that impacts traffic across the state.

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Edwards says he asked for $500-million for the Mississippi River Bridge because of state also received additional one-time funding as part of the American Rescue Act. He says the amount matters when it comes to seeking matching funds.

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Edwards also says bridge sites should be narrowed down to three in the new few weeks.


Research published by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge reports that reducing protein in the diet produces a number of positive outcomes, including increasing lifespan. Dr. Christopher Morrison says while this basic fact has been known for some time, by experimenting with the diets of mice scientists are learning more about this connection.

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Pennington has been a leader in this research for a while, discovering a hormonal link between the brain and the body and protein restriction years ago. Dr. Morrison says this study used mice to compare the body’s response either with or without the hormone leading to a deeper understanding of that link.

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Dr. Morrison says while the study doesn’t provide a “magic bullet” to help people be healthier or live longer, it is an important step in understanding how our brains and bodies work collectively, which could lead to improvements in individual health outcomes in the future…

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As Louisianans continue to cope with rising prices and inflation at over 8-percent, State Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain advises we hunker down for at least several more months of this. Strain says the prices we pay at the grocery store now are reflective of market conditions and wholesale prices from months ago…:

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Strain says everything from seed costs, to fertilizer prices, to the cost & scarcity of diesel fuel for hauling food to market in contributing to the current high prices. He says state & federal authorities, and private sector interests are working on solutions, but they could be quite some time coming…:

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Strain says there’s is little people on a fixed income can do, but one thing we can all do is make maximum use of the groceries we do buy…:

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Strain advises planning out meals more carefully and making every effort to eat your leftovers, to get the most bang for your grocery bucks.


A House bill to prohibit smoking or vaping marijuana in a motor vehicle advances from Senate Transportation. Metairie Representative Laurie Schlegel says her bill is to address the rising number of incidents of motorists using cannabis and then getting behind the wheel.

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Schlegel amended the bill in committee after issues were brought to light during a previous House debate that the legislation could be used to profile motorists.

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Schlegel says there’s been data from other states showing that once marijuana is legalized some individuals believe it means they are allowed to drive and use marijuana also. The purpose of the legislation is to remind them it’s not ok.

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The amended legislation now advances to the Senate.