4:30 LRN Newscast May 19

As Louisianans continue to cope with rising prices and inflation at over 8-percent, State Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain advises we hunker down for at least several more months of this. He says everything from seed costs, to fertilizer prices, to the cost & scarcity of diesel fuel for hauling food to market are contributing to the current high prices. Strain says one thing we can all do to stretch our grocery dollar is to eat any leftovers we have; not toss them out…:

CUT 11(10)      “…the spices get better.”

The Caddo Parish woman accused of throwing two of her kids off Shreveport’s Cross Lake Bridge last fall – killing one of them – has changed her plea. Ureka Black initially pled not guilty, and has changed that to not guilty by reason of insanity. Her next hearing comes up late this summer. Black’s 10-month-old son was killed; her 5-year-old was injured.


A new study shows the connection between hormones, the brain, and our diet…David Grubb has the story…:

CUT 02(35)      “…David Grubb.”

I know it’s early in the year, but there is a low-pressure tropical system brewing. The system is over the central to western Caribbean; just east of the coast of Nicaragua. It’s still well over a thousand miles from Louisiana’s coast. Forecaster predict another active hurricane season; which starts in under 2 weeks.