LRN Newscast 15:30 05-29-15

According to the US Department of Justice the 28 million dollar price tag to dispose of the M6 propellant at Camp Minden will be paid by the US Army. Although no specific timeline has been set for the destruction of the propellant, Minden Representative Gene Reynolds is glad they are about to start the process…
CUT 5 (12) “it’s all gone”
And he says it will be a closed burn.

State Inspector General Stephen Street is advising Governor Bobby Jindal to use privately funded email accounts and websites to support or oppose candidates, following recent comments from Jindal attacking Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul. The IG’s office has received complaints alleging that Jindal violated the state Constitution for political attacks on the Governor’s publically funded website.
Baton Rouge Police have arrested an ax wielding man who attempted to burglarize several homes, then later attacked an officer, then fled in his police car. Cpl. L-Jean (Gene) McKneely says they found the car drivne by 41 year-old Deandre Trahan in West Baton Rouge Parish, then deployed spike strips to disable the car….
CUT 13 (10) Q: ‘damage to property’
And more charges could be added.

This weekend is the 2015 Louisiana Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday. Hurricane Season starts Monday and Department of Revenue spokeswoman Kizzy Payton says people can get those items without the 4 percent state sales tax, and be prepared at the same time…
CUT 8 (09) Q :” family safe”