13:30 Newscast, May 27th, 2015

NOAA announces the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Forecast calls for the lowest storm probability since 1998. Forecasters predict 6-11 tropical storms, 3-6 hurricanes and zero-two major hurricanes. Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, NOAA Administrator, says there’s an El Nino out there which tends to break up storms and they also predict normal sea surface temperatures…:
CUT 9 (06) “drive storms as well”

A bill that would disallow hospitals to bill a rape victim for medical exams continues moving through the legislature. It’s a House bill that was approved in the Senate unanimously this week. Monroe Senator Bob Kostelka says this bill is important to preserve the dignity of rape victims…:
CUT 4 (12) “go out anymore”

There is a length debate going on right now in a House Committee on the Senate Approved medical marijuana bill. The Louisiana Sheriff’s Association were in opposition last year, but executive director, Michael Ranatza, says tight controls have been put on the bill, so they’ve dropped their opposition…:
CUT 13 (11) “medical setting”
If medical marijuana legislation is approved, it can be prescribed for spastic quadriplegics, those suffering from glaucoma, individuals going through chemotherapy, or epilepsy.

The Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation and the Allstate Sugar Bowl have put in a bid to host the College Football Playoff and National Championship game in 2019 or 2020. New Orleans is already competing to host the Super Bowls in those same years. Jay Cicero, Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation President says it would be their hope to get both big games in the same year…
cut 16 (06) “….situation”