10:30 LRN Newscast Feb 24

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sparked oil prices to soar past 100-dollars this morning for the first time since July 2014. Executive director at the Center for Energy Studies, David Dismukes, says inflation is already high and the invasion will only push prices higher

Cut 3 (10) “…even worse”

EBT cardholders in Louisiana can now purchase groceries online at Walmart. Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, Marketa Garner Walters says in addition to being convenient it’s life-changing for those who have limited transportation, however, EBT funds cannot be used to pay delivery fees.

Cut 15 (11)  “…pay for that.”

New Orleans Representative Candice Newell’s (New-elle) wants to lay the groundwork for more for cannabis facilities to operate in Louisiana if recreational marijuana is legalized. During the pandemic when so many Louisiana staples were halted, states with legalized cannabis still collected revenue from the industry.

Cut 9 (10)  “…the state.”

She’s introducing such legislation in March.

After a year off due to COVID, Mardi Gras – and its economic impact on Louisiana is back. LSU economics professor Dr. Dek Terrell says all indications are that visitors from all over the world will flock to the Crescent City between now and Fat Tuesday. He says Louisiana’s other cities also get a big fiscal boost from Mardi Gras…:

Cut 5 (13) “…was $22-million.”