LRN PM Newscall for August 12

Jefferson Parish President John Young announces he’s joining the 2015 race for Lt. Governor. Michelle Southern has that..:

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Oyster production has been on a downward spiral since the 2010 BP oil spill. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Jefferson Parish President John Young announces he’s running for Lt. Governor in 2015. Young joins already announced candidates Baton Rouge Mayor President Kip Holden and Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser. The seat is being left open by Jay Dardenne who intends to run for Governor next year. Young says the Office of Tourism is a major growth industry for Louisiana…:

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Young says, if elected, a major focus would also be on economic development and creating jobs and opportunity for our children and grandchildren. He says a top priority as Lt. Governor is making sure funds are secure to continue to market Louisiana…:

CUT 4 (09) “the entire state”

Young says he wants to be an ambassador for economic development and the film industry…:

CUT 5 (07) “in Louisiana”


Since the BP spill, oyster production along Louisiana’s coast has reached lows that have not been seen in decades. That’s according to Louisiana Oyster Task Force Chairman John Tesvich, who says it’s a challenging time for the industry

CUT 6 (06)  “haven’t come back”

Prior to the BP spill, Louisiana public reefs would produce three to seven million pounds of oyster meat a year. Last year, just under a million pounds was produced and Tesvich says early numbers for 2014 are only slightly better than last year…

CUT 7 (08) “speak of”

A statement from BP says government studies indicate conditions other than the oil spill have led to the decline in oyster populations. Tesvich says recent hurricanes and an influx of fresh water are other possible factors. He says in the meantime, oystermen can only hope conditions get better

CUT 8 (10) “it yet”


So in addition to the big super-moon we’ve got in the sky right now, the most explosive meteor shower of the year is underway. Lee Sawyer is the director of chemistry and physics at Louisiana Tech. He says the peak of the every-August Perseid meteor shower will happen early tomorrow morning…:

CUT 9 (09) “season”

Sawyer says if you’d like to see some beautiful shooting stars, early tomorrow morning when it’s still dark out would be the best time…:

CUT 10 (07) “couple of seconds or so”

Sawyer says sometimes the meteors will look like little fireballs. He says the annual Persei meteor shower lasts for several days…:

CUT 11 (11) “really the peak


The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s office says a teenage girl is under arrest for allegedly stealing the pizza delivery guy’s car. Spokesman Glenn Springfield says the accused is 17-year-old Shaquillea Hunter of Monroe. He says they got a report of the stolen vehicle and they easily spotted the car with the Pizza Hut sign on top…:

CUT 12 (11) “and handcuff em”

Springfield says once they got Hunter in custody, they got the Pizza Hut employee to come make an identification and give a statement…:

CUT 13 (08) “he called us”

Springfield said when Hunter was questioned about the incident, she told the deputy to just take her to jail. He says she was booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center…:

cut 14 (03) “and resisting an officer”