1:30 LRN Newscast Dec 30

The state Department of Health reports over 12-thousand new cases of COVID-19 detected in a day; leaving little doubt that another surge is definitely underway. LDH also reports 762 people are in the hospital with COVID symptoms. Of those, about 75-percent have not been vaccinated. At a news conference just minutes ago, Governor John Bel Edwards said with a surge clearly beginning, it’s very important to wear a mask when indoors, and outdoors in situations where one cannot socially distance.

The Powerball jackpot for Saturday night’s drawing is nearing half-billion dollars. Louisiana Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin says the last time a Powerball jackpot was hit was October 4th, when the jackpot was nearly $700-million…:

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The drawing is Saturday night at 10.


Starting January 1st, medical marijuana patients will have the choice of using the smokable form of the herb. Brooke Thorington has more…:

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One more COVID story: three lions at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo have tested positive for the coronavirus. The animals are said to be suffering from runny nose and coughs, but are otherwise OK. The trio of cats have been quarantined while other big cats are tested. Zoo officials say they may have gotten it from a keeper.