2:30 LRN Newscast Dec 30

As COVID cases in Louisiana begin another surge, Governor Edwards urges residents to mask up again, but falls short of renewing a mandate. The state Department of Health reports more than 12-thousand more cases of the virus in just a day. 762 persons are hospitalized with COVID, and about 75-percent of them are not vaccinated. The Governor says this surge is just getting started…:

CUT 12(12)      “…anyone.”

He asks us to mask back up while indoors, but has not made that a mandate

Baton Rouge state Representative Ted James will leave the legislature to take an assignment as regional head of the Small Business Administration. James says his territory will cover Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico…but he’ll remain in the state and work from an office in New Orleans…:

CUT 04(06)      “…across our region.”

A special election will be called to replace James in the legislature.


The Powerball jackpot for Saturday night’s drawing is nearing half-billion dollars. Louisiana Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin says the last time a Powerball jackpot was hit was October 4th, when the jackpot was nearly $700-million. As of now, Saturday night’s drawing is worth about $480-million with a lump sum payout of $347-million, and could easily grow much higher between and Saturday night. She says those jackpots are growing much more quickly because of new Powerball policies…:

CUT 10(09)      “…so does that jackpot.”

Starting January 1st medical marijuana patients will be able to buy the smokable raw for of the herb. Until now, only edibles, oils, tinctures and dissolvable gels were available. Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain oversees product testing and regulations for medical marijuana, and says you must have a prescription from a licensed medical provider to legally use marijuana in Louisiana…:

CUT 07(09)      “…processed form.”

Medical marijuana in its natural form is cheaper to process compared to the other forms.