12:30 LRN Newscast Dec 30

Beginning January first, medical marijuana patients in Louisiana will have the option of getting the smokable flowers (or “buds”) of the marijuana plant. A bill allowing dispensaries to legally sell the traditional form of cannabis passed in the regular legislative session this year and was signed by the Governor. Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Mike Strain oversees product testing and regulations for medicinal weed…:

CUT 06(10)      “…each 14 days.”

You must have a written recommendation from a doctor or other licensed medical provider to get medical marijuana.

Public health officials & hospital administrators are reminding everyone that an emergency room is NOT the place to go to get a COVID-19 test. ER’s statewide are reporting a surge in non-emergency ER visitors, as cases of the virus surge again. There are a large number of free testing sites set up all over Louisiana. To find one near you go to “ldh.la.gov/coronavirus”.


Baton Rouge state Representative Ted James has been tagged to become the new Regional Administrator of the federal Small Business Administration in the South-Central Region; covering Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. James says he’ll remain in Louisiana and work in the New Orleans Office…:

CUT 04(06)      “…across our region.”

James will take over the job shortly after the New Year starts. He’s been a state lawmaker since 2012. A special election will be called to replace him in the state House.

Add another 12-thousand cases of COVID detected statewide. About 760 are in the hospital right now. Unvaccinated people account for 75-percent of cases.

And now a look at today’s markets…: