AM Newscall August 12, 2014

How would you like to add an LSU Jell-O mold to your tailgate this year? Well now you can. Michelle Southern has that…:

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The first legal hearing in the dispute over Common Core occurs today in a Baton Rouge courtroom. Matthew Doyle has more…

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Louisiana State Police is investigating an officer involved shooting yesterday in Crowley that has left one man dead. Eric Gill has more…

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LSU fans will be able to add a little something extra to their tailgate or football parties for the upcoming season…An LSU Jell-O mold. Emilie Fitch is the brand manager for Jell-O. She says these college team Jiggler kits are just another way fans can show how passionate they are about their team…:

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Fitch says she realizes that people make Jell-O shots but they do not advocate that behavior or promote recipes that include alcohol. She says the LSU Jiggler-Kit contains four Jell-O boxes…:

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Fitch says the college Jiggler kit is available now at local retailers and they are going fast. She says you can also buy it online at Fitch says they are working toward marketing their brand to the young family…:

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The dispute over Common Core heads to court today. A hearing is set in Judge Todd Hernandez’s courtroom over a lawsuit filed by parents and educators who accuse Governor Jindal of overstepping his authority when he blocked tests associated with Common Core. Council For a Better Louisiana President Barry Erwin says hopefully the judicial system can end this stalemate.

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It’s possible a resolution will take months, because of potential appeals. But Erwin says they hope Judge Hernandez provides some clarity with an initial ruling.

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Another Common Core hearing is scheduled for Friday in Tim Kelley’s courtroom. That one was filed by legislators who claim BESE and the department of education violated state law when it approved Common Core standards. Erwin says he trusts the rulings will be fair.

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The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will hold a series of public meetings across the state to provide an update on black bear research. The results of a recently completed University of Tennessee PhD project will be presented. Large Carnivore Program Manager, Maria Davidson says the project pulls together population estimates of three different sub-populations of black bears…

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Meetings are scheduled in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Ferriday, and Tallulah. If the population numbers are strong enough, the Louisiana Black Bear could be taken off of the Endangered Species list. Davidson says this information will be passed to the US Fish and Wildlife Service…

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The US Fish and Wildlife Service will determine if the Louisiana Black Bear meets the criteria to be removed from their endangered species list. Davidson says the purpose of these public meetings is to keep citizens informed about what is happening with the black bear…

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Louisiana State Police is investigating an officer involved shooting yesterday in Crowley that has left one man dead. Master Trooper Brooks David says Crowley Police officers were responding to a disturbance call when a male subject began to shoot at the officers…

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David says subsequently officers returned fire and struck the man an unknown number of times. He was pronounced dead at the scene. David says four Crowley Police officers were at the scene…

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The investigation is ongoing. David says this type of situation shows how dangerous it is to be a law enforcement officer…

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One of the biggest spotlights at LSU’s preseason camp has been the intense battle for the starting quarterback position. Sophomore Anthony Jennings and Freshman Brandon Harris both have stated their intentions to be the man to lead Tigers next season. LSU Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron says regardless of who wins, everyone has to be ready to run the offense…

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The position is still up for grabs, and could be up until the start of the season. Cameron expects Harris or Jennings will eventually grab hold of the starter’s role…

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Either of the two potential starters would be among the youngest quarterbacks to start for the team in several years, with both being under 20 years old. Cameron says the pressure cooker of a competition is good for everyone involved…

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