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Former Klan leader and state lawmaker David Duke is banned from Twitter.

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The SEC agrees to play a ten game conference only schedule this year starting September 26th. LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron says he’s excited to play more SEC games this year, and the team is ready for whatever the pandemic throws at it…

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Governor Edwards tells Louisiana residents not to expect major changes with the Phase Two coronavirus guidelines as he expects to extend the mask mandate and bar closure order next week. Edwards has faced criticism from some Republican lawmakers over the restrictions that have been put on businesses during this pandemic. But Edwards says he’s following the guidance from the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force

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A Franklin Parish traffic stop leads to two arrests and the discovery of a dead body in the trunk of a bullet-riddled car. Court records show a trooper pulled a suspect over for speeding, saw bullet holes in the driver’s side door, and smelled pot coming out of the car, and searched the vehicle finding the corpse of Michael Robinson. Master Trooper Michael Reichardt says it was a shocking discovery for the trooper.

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