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Governor Edwards announces that he will almost certainly be extending the current Phase Two orders, mask mandate and bar closures included next week for at least another two weeks after that. The governor says the mask mandate is part of the new normal

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Infamous KKK leader and former state lawmaker David Duke gets booted off twitter for allegedly repeatedly violating the platform’s hateful conduct rules. Duke blamed Jews for the ban, and Tyler Bridges, Author of The Rise and Fall of David Duke, says that opinion is par for the course these days on the Duke Twitter feed and made his ban just about inevitable.

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Duke says he will appeal the decision. He was also kicked off YouTube last month.

A traffic stop in Franklin Parish leads to a trooper discovering a dead body in a trunk. Master Trooper Michael Reichardt says the trooper saw bullet holes in the side of the vehicle and asked the driver if he could do an inspection, leading to the discovery and arrest of 18-year-old Michael Mitchell Jr. Reichardt applauded the arresting trooper.

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The arrest led to another arrest of a 19-year-old Cameron Powe, who allegedly joined with Mitchell Jr. in the robbery that led to the victim, Michael Robinson’s, death.

The SEC will play a ten-game conference only season this year with first kickoff set for September 26th. LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron anticipates that the two additional conference opponents will come from the SEC East, but the team will be ready.

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