10:30 AM Newscast

State Treasurer John Schroder announces that small businesses can begin applying for $275-million dollars’ worth of grants to supplement losses from COVD-19 towards the end of the month. Eligible businesses can receive up 15-thousand dollars. Schroder says his office will begin accepting applications on July 28th.

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State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry calls a pop theory advocating for the purposeful COVID infection of people under the guise of creating herd immunity a “myth”.

Guidry says the theory has no evidence to back it up and ignores just how volatile viruses can be.

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To obtain herd immunity a population would need 60 percent immunity. Even in New York City, the worst single epicenter in the country, herd immunity is believed to be under 20 percent.

Eighteen private law firms have teamed up with the ACLU of Louisiana in a litigation campaign to challenge discriminatory policing practices. Legal Director of the ACLU of Louisiana Nora Ahmed says they are also partnering with law school legal clinics around the country who are in a position to take on these appeals in an effort to continue the development of law pertaining to excessive force and racial profiling but also challenge qualified immunity.

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To help keep students engaged in the learning process over the summer, the Louisiana Department of Education will partner with LPB and offer televised math instruction. Director of Math Science STEM, Jill Cowart says when schools closed early due to the pandemic they were forced to create at-home learning resources available online. Through the partnership with LPB, more families will now have access to resources beginning July 6th with a focus on keeping students engaged.

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