9:30 A.M. LRN Newscast 07/02/2020

State Treasurer John Schroder announces that small businesses can begin applying for $275-million dollars’ worth of grants to supplement losses from COVD-19 towards the end of the month. Eligible businesses can receive up 15-thousand dollars.
Schroder says the funding is on a first come first serve bases and small businesses need to apply at la.treasury.gov. An outside vendor will approve applications.
Cut 6 (10) “…and approve”
Schroder anticipates checks will be mailed within 10 days of approval.
State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry calls a pop theory advocating for the purposeful COVID infection of people under the guise of creating herd immunity a “myth”.
Yesterday’s spike in cases was the third-highest on record and nearly ten percent of all tests done are showing up positive. Guidry says this is no time for risky behavior like this theory promotes.
Cut 9 (06) “…serious”

Eighteen private law firms have teamed up with the ACLU of Louisiana in a litigation campaign to challenge discriminatory policing practices. Legal Director of the ACLU of Louisiana Nora Ahmed says
Putting Racist Policing on Trial could bring up to 1000 cases in Louisiana challenging the constitutionality of the situations. The Law firms will be handling cases on a pro bono basis. Ahmed hopes to form a blueprint for litigation that could be used across the nation.
Cut 11 (09) “…implicate racial profiling.”

State and local officials are ramping up testing sites due to an uptick in corona cases in Louisiana. Governor John Bel Edwards says the state will begin cracking down on businesses that do not adhere to the rules. Louisiana reported its worse day for new cases since April…2083 new cases.