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Governor Edwards and Legislative Republicans struck a compromise yesterday to pass what one political analyst calls a historic achievement in the fight against the state’s sky-high auto insurance rates….

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Southern University unveils its line of THC-based medical marijuana products. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Tort reform supporters are taking a victory lap today after yesterday’s bipartisan passage of legislation aimed at lowering auto insurance rates by changing the way lawsuits are handled.

Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat calls it a historic achievement in what had become one of the most prominent political issues in the state.

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The legislation lowers the jury trial threshold, changes collateral source law, and includes a number of other smaller changes to court proceedings.

Pinsonat says the bill is packed with items insurers say will save them a lot of money. Once Governor Edwards signs it Pinsonat says the ball moves into the Insurance Commissioner’s court.

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The legislation does not include a mandate for lower premiums.

Pinsonat says the legislation seemed dead in the water up until just a few hours before the session closed when the Governor struck a deal with Republicans.

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Governor Edwards indicated he will sign the legislation into law.


Southern University unveils its line of THC-based medical marijuana products known as AYO (I-O).  The launch sees the release of six different products including tinctures for use under the tongue.  CEO of Southern’s growing and processing partner Ilera Holistic Healthcare Dr. Chanda Mecias says they are also rolling out topical solutions.

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Louisiana has recently expanded the law to allow any doctor to recommend the product to any patient with a debilitating ailment starting August 1.

Southern University President Ray Belton says the products have the ability to contribute to the health and welfare of the state and so much more.

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Southern becomes the first HBCU to have THC and CBD product lines.

Executive Director for the Southern Institute for Medicinal Plants Dr. Janana Snowden says it’s rewarding to hear the testimonials from those that need the products.

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The products are shipping this week and could be hitting the market within two weeks.


The Louisiana Department of Veteran’s Affairs is asking citizens to participate in a letter-writing campaign to show support to those in veteran’s homes. Visitation has been limited due to COVID-19 and LDVA Director of Communications Brandee Patrick says they wanted to boost morale.

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Currently, there are more than 600 residents living in five veteran’s homes across the state. Patrick says you can find a listing of addresses at VetAffairs.LA.Gov.

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Patrick says in March when the pandemic broke out for the safety of residents, they had to limit visitors to mitigate the spread of the virus. The letter-writing campaign is a way of showing residents appreciation.

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You can also call the LDVA at 225-219-5000 for more information about Project LOVE.


When it comes to COVID-19 hospitalizations, Governor Edwards says the state has lost all of the progress it made in the first half of June in the second half of the month.

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Edwards has announced there will be no new restrictions put into place following a report that shows one of the largest single-day increases in COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

Baton Rouge will now be one of three locations selected by the feds to ramp up testing by 5000 more tests per day. Edwards says the uptick in coronavirus metrics has garnered the attention of the White House, especially in the Capital Region.

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Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome has mandated the use of face coverings while inside of businesses.

Edwards says the rate of positivity among tests has gone up to just shy of 10% which is the White House’s recommended level for reopening.

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