11:30 LRN Newscast June 25

Governor John Bel Edwards will issue a new proclamation today extending the Phase Two reopening for another 28 days. Edwards says the alarming number of new cases reported the last two days, makes it crystal clear the state is not ready to move to Phase 3. He says Louisiana is now ranked seventh per capita in COVID-19 cases down three spots from its previous best ranking.
Cut 7 (08) “…doing more testing.”
Edwards says more than 245-thousands tests have been conducted this month.

State Health Officer Doctor Jimmy Guidry says studies have shown that if we all wear masks properly, COVID-19 cases would plummet. Guidry says social distancing is also an important component…
cut 12 (06) “…large crowds”

Caddo Parish Coroner Doctor Todd Thoma rules that a black man who passed away while in Shreveport police custody in April died from a medical problem known as febrile delirium. Thoma says police were dispatched after 63-year-old Wavey Austin displayed bizarre behavior and upon police approaching him in his apartment, he was handcuffed for a medical evaluation.
Cut 3 (12) ”…and did CPR.”

Senate Finance has approved a budget for the next fiscal year that puts a pause on regularly scheduled pay raises for state workers. Baton Rouge Senator Bodi White says given how many private-sector workers are unemployed, a public sector pay raise wouldn’t look good.
Cut 6 (11) “…deal with.”
The 60 million dollars in pay raises was set aside, and lawmakers say they will take a look at whether the state can afford the raises later this year.