3:30 LRN Newcast April 30

Attorney General Jeff Landry wants Governor Edwards to issue guidance to allow for the reopening of churches. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Governor Edwards responded at his briefing today that churches could hold services outside as long as they practice social distancing and wear masks but does not plan to lift the order to allow indoor gatherings of more than 10 people until after May 15th

Supporters of a legislative petition that would overturn the Governor’s stay at home order say they have over half of the signatures needed for passage.

Oil City Representative Danny McCormick says the areas of the state that don’t have a lot of cases should be allowed to open tomorrow. He says the petition is based on three considerations.

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Petition supporters appear to be all Republicans but not everyone in the GOP is on board. Baton Rouge Representative Barbara Freiburg supports the Governor’s decision. She says she’s been in frequent meetings with health officials and says the data shows reopening tomorrow wouldn’t be a good idea.

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Governor Edwards sites significant increases in COVID-19 cases for extending the stay at home order. He noted a 22 percent increase in just one week in cases in Ouachita Parish alone, also increases in East Baton Rouge and St Tammany Parishes.