2:30 LRN Newscast Feb 25

A massive party is taking place in the Big Easy and across south Louisiana on this Fat Tuesday. Rex the King of Carnival has the key to the city…
cut 6 (09) “…day and night”
There are also parades all day today in Lake Charles and Lafayette.

With two float related fatalities within days of each other involving tandem floats, New Orleans Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson made the call to cease the use of tandem floats for the remainder of the 2020 festivities. Ferguson praised Krewes that cooperated with the last-minute changes.

Cut 14 (10) “…to do it”

Personal finance website WalletHub dissects New Orleans Mardi Gras by the numbers.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

cut  2 (33) “…I’m Kevin Barnhart

Former LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow put to rest rumors that he would pull a fast one and not play for the Bengals who are expected to draft him with the number one pick in the NFL draft on April 23rd. Burrow spoke to reporters today at the draft combine and said if Cincinnati selects him number one, he’ll play for the Bengals. The Ohio native also joked that he could drive home for dinner if drafted they drafted him.