LRN PM Newscall February 25

Former LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow ends speculation that he would try to force his way out of Cincinnati as he says he’ll play for the Bengals if they take him with the number one pick. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Personal finance website WalletHub dissects New Orleans Mardi Gras by the numbers.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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At the NFL draft combine in Indianapolis, former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow put to rest rumors that he would not play for the Bengals if Cincinnati selected him with the top overall pick. Burrow spoke to a large group of reporters this morning

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Some NFL reporters have speculated Burrow would pressure Cincinnati not to draft him.  Burrow will not throw at the combine, but he looks forward to meeting with several teams, including the Bengals…

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JaMarcus Russell was the last LSU quarterback drafted with the top pick in 2007. But Russell turned out to be a big bust in Oakland. Burrow is confident he’ll succeed in the NFL…

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A massive party is taking place in the Big Easy and across south Louisiana on this Fat Tuesday. Rex the King of Carnival has the key to the city…

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There are also parades all day in Lake Charles and Lafayette. K-PEL Radio’s Bernadette Lee says multiple parades will roll through downtown Lafayette…

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In the Hub City, thousands are enjoying their Fat Tuesday. Lee says the big party started this morning…

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Millions are celebrating Mardi Gras around the world, but no one does it bigger than New Orleans.  The celebration has a large economic impact on the Big Easy, bringing in over $1 billion annually, which is roughly 2 percent of the city’s GDP.  Personal finance website WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzales says it’s growing too.

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Of the roughly half-million King Cakes sold in Carnival season, about 50-thousand are shipped out of state overnight, with the average cost being around $40.  But for those that want to come into town for the festivities, Gonzales says visitors to New Orleans can expect to pay just shy of $300 per night to stay in the French Quarter.

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The average price to attend a Mardi Gras ball is about $190 a ticket.  Gonzales says a VIP experience of riding on a float is upwards of $3000.

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About 25 million pounds of beads are thrown during the celebrations.  92,000 pounds of beads are removed from storm drains after the celebration.


With two float related fatalities within days of each other involving tandem floats, New Orleans Police Superintendent  Shaun Ferguson made the call to cease the use of tandem floats for the remainder of the 2020 festivities.  Ferguson says he wants to hold meetings in the immediate future to discuss safety measures.

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Ferguson received criticism for making the decision to suddenly stop the use of tandem floats for the remainder of Mardi Gras but he feels he made the correct choice.

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Ferguson says safety is his top priority for the citizens of New Orleans and its visitors and he praised the Krewes that cooperated with the last minute changes involving floats.

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