6:30 LRN Newscast Feb 3

Democrats may have lost big in last fall’s House legislative races, but their alliance with moderate Republicans in the election of Clay Schexnayder as House Speaker appears to have paid off. Matt Doyle explains…
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The campaign totals for 2019 have been totaled up and President Donald Trump received one-point-two million dollars from Louisiana donors. Former Vice President Joe Biden collected the most from Louisiana residents out of the Democratic presidential candidates, 366-thousand dollars.

East Baton Rouge, Terrebonne, and Pointe Coupee parishes are the first in the state to receive cutting edge needle incineration devices that can be used to protect law enforcement from needle stick injuries. The device has the potential to save taxpayer dollars. CEO of Redhawk Holdings, the company behind the device, Darcy Klug says a single stick injury can top 30-thousand dollars in workers comp costs, even if a first responder doesn’t contract a disease such as Hep C or HIV…
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More parishes are expected to obtain the devices in the near future.