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A Tulane study conducted in Texas shows minorities face longer wait times, and more questions when attempting to make an appointment with a primary care doctor. Matt Doyle has more.

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Louisiana’s second-largest craft beer brewery is opening a taproom that will also serve as a research and development facility in Houston.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Democrats may have lost big in last fall’s House legislative races, but their alliance with moderate Republicans in the Speaker election appears to have paid off. Matt Doyle has the story.

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A Tulane survey of primary care appointment wait times finds compared to white callers, minorities have three to seven day longer wait times to get a call back for scheduling.  Soon-to-be Tulane research assistant professor Brig Walker says minority callers also faced more questions…

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The field study was conducted in Texas, where Tulane recruited Hispanic, black, and white callers who placed appointment requests with 800 primary care offices.

Hispanics faced a three day longer wait, and blacks a seven day longer wait than similar white patients. Walker says that can have a serious impact on health outcomes.

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Walker says these findings could help reduce discrimination in healthcare appointment scheduling and possibly help shift the industry to more automation.

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New Orleans-based Urban South Brewery is opening its first satellite location. Louisiana’s second-largest craft beer brewery is opening a taproom that will also serve as a research and development facility in Houston. Houston location taproom manager Marin Slanina says the expansion has been in the work for about two years.

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Slanina says unique flavors for the Houston location, but they do plan on bringing over some of the New Orleans brews like the Holy Roller IPA and putting a Texas twist on them.

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Slanina says the company is keeping a finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving craft beer industry and says that could result in some beers created at the Houston location making its way to taps at the mothership location.

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The grand opening is February 29th.


Assignments for two key House committees are in and Democrats have increased their representation relative to the last term thanks to the bipartisan coalition that elected Speaker Clay Schexnayder.Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says that’s their reward for backing Schexnayder.

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A majority of Republicans backed Albany’s Sherman Mack, considered more conservative than Schexnayder.

The coalition of moderate Republicans and Democrats now narrowly controls Ways and Means and Appropriations, and Pinsonat says that could stymie conservative priorities, causing inter-GOP friction…

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Appropriations is where the state budget starts, and Ways and Means covers tax issues.

The Senate saw a total takeover by conservatives, so it’s still unlikely many Democratic priorities will make it the Governor, but they now may be more likely to make it to the House floor than last year.

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The pro-Schexnayder coalition has a 13-12 edge in Appropriations, and a 14-4 lead in Ways and Means.


About 300 needle incineration devices are being distributed to first responders in East Baton Rouge, Terrebonne, and Point Coupee parishes.  The device is the SANDD-mini, which stands for sharps and needles destruction device.  CEO of Redhawk Holdings, the company behind the device, Darcy Klug says it’s simple to operate.

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Klug says while the needle is destroyed, it doesn’t tamper with any possible evidence.

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The device has the potential to save taxpayer dollars.  Klug says a single needle stick injury can top $30k in workers comp costs, even if a first responder doesn’t contract a disease such as Hep C or HIV.

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More parishes are expected to obtain the devices in teh near future.


Louisiana Tech men’s basketball is on a four-game winning streak and the Bulldogs have moved into a first place tie with North Texas for first place in Conference. Tech won a thriller on Saturday, a 76-73 victory over Old Dominion. Senior DaQuan Bracey was the hero as he hit a step back three with one second for the win…

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The Dunkin Dogs have a big game Thursday as they visit Western Kentucky, who is in third place, one game back of the Bulldogs and Mean Green. Konkol says when you are on top of the league standings, you will get every team’s best shot

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LSU is 8-0 in SEC play after Saturday’s 73-63 win over over Ole Miss. The Tigers had 40 points in the first half and sophomore guard Javonte Smart had 21 points in the win. LSU Coach Will Wade says Smart was ready for the 11 AM tip…

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LSU has two games on the road this week. They are at Vanderbilt on Wednesday, who is winless in league play and then they travel to Auburn, who just beat Kentucky. Wade says there is still a long way to go in the season…

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The Tigers have a two-game lead over Auburn and Kentucky for first place in the SEC. Smart on trying to win back-to-back regular season titles…

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