AM Newscall 10.01.19

Bayou Steel announces its closure, resulting in the layoff of 376. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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The Attorney General announces an additional prescription drug drop box where people can discard their old meds in an effort to keep them off the street. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Ouachita Parish Deputies are searching for a missing 25,000 dollar duck hunting dog after authorities say the animal’s trainer faked it’s death. Matt Doyle has more.

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Hundreds have learned they will be without a job in St. John Parish.  376 employees at Bayou Steel were blindsided to hear of the closure, and Parish President Natalie Robottom says they were not the only ones caught off guard by the announcement.

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Robottom says the official date of closure is set for November 30th and the community is being proactive in finding job placement.

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Robottom says the company has been a major employer in the area for many years.

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The office of the Attorney General announces the Broussard Police Department is the home of the newest prescription drug drop box.  Special projects coordinator at the AG’s office Monica Taylor says the boxes are having a huge impact on the number of drugs being taken out of circulation.

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The drop boxes are paid for with a Blue Cross Blue Shield grant in an effort to combat the state’s opioid epidemic.  Taylor says the box has been in place for several months and is already seeing a huge impact.

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Taylor describes the boxes similar to a mailbox where items drop in, but they don’t come out.

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A recent study shows that Louisiana ranks 9th in the U-S with one of the most underfunded transportation infrastructures.  That equates to more problems for drivers on the road like potholes, but most alarmingly, structurally unsound bridges. Louisiana Good Road Transportation Association President Ken Perret…

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Perret says major bridges in the state have an average lifespan of 50 years. Smaller bridges also have an impact on rural traffic when weight-bearing loads like buses have to be rerouted during construction.

Perret says right now only eight states have worse road conditions than Louisiana. The state’s 20-cent-per-gallon gasoline tax is the state’s primary means of funding road project and it’s one of the lowest in the country. Perret fears the $14 billion backlog of needed road projects will remain underfunded until there’s a disaster.

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The Louisiana Good Roads Transportation Association study shows poor roads cost the average driver in the state $624 a year in vehicle and operating costs.  Perret says lawmakers continue to ignore the issue and it’s going to take voters reaching out to their legislators to bring about change.

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A dog trainer is under arrest after allegedly faking the death of his client’s 25,000-dollar duck hunting Labrador.

44-year-old Lester Langley of Monroe had been tasked with training a local family’s pet during the hunting offseason when authorities say out of the blue he called the family with some bad news…

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That’s Ouachita Parish Chief Deputy Marc Mashaw who says after the initial call Langley refused to respond to future calls or house visits.

After refusing to communicate with the family, they called authorities who showed up with a warrant. Mashaw says Langley could not comply when deputies demanded he turn over the body, and…

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Mashaw says Langley has refused to say what actually happened to the canine, but authorities suspect he sold the pup on one of his out of state trips. The hope to find out where the dog went.

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For more information on the missing black lab visit


Two teams good at throwing the football will meet Saturday in Tiger Stadium, when 5th ranked LSU hosts Utah State. The Tigers are averaging 432 yards per game through the air, while the Aggies are averaging 326 a contest. Utah State is led by six-foot-four junior Jordan Love, who Coach Ed Orgeron says will play on Sundays soon

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Orgeron says Utah State also plays an up tempo offense as they like to get off a bunch of snaps in a short period…

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LSU’s defense has struggled defending pass, allowing 224 yards a game through the air. Orgeron says they’ve spent time on tackling, improving the players technique…

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The Pelicans begin training camp today as the Zion Williamson is ready to take off in New Orleans. The first overall pick says he’s excited and also feels at home in the Big Easy, thanks to love he’s only received from the state and the veteran leadership on the team…

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Williamson is already considered one of the best players in the NBA and he’s yet to play a game yet. Zion says he can’t focus on the outside noise…

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