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A We Ask America poll of the governor’s race has Governor Edwards at 47 percent, Eddie Rispone at 23 percent, and Ralph Abraham at 17 percent. Pollster Andrew Weissert says Edwards continues to linger in the upper 40s because while he has a 56 percent approval rating, voters still aren’t confident he’s righted the ship.

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The poll did have one encouraging bit of news for Edwards, 61 percent of independents have a favorable view of him.

Voters casting their ballots early can expect to do so with new voting equipment.  Lafayette Parish Registrar of Voters Charlene Meaux-Menard says participants will receive a voter card to insert into the machines that will pull up their ballot on a touchscreen.

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Each location will have an assistant to help out voters if needed.

A Legislative Fiscal Office analysis of the estimated 500-million-dollar state budget surplus credits most of the higher-than-expected revenue to the 2017 federal tax reform. Chief Economist Greg Albrecht says the state’s economy is improving, but it’s not the biggest reason for the huge surplus…

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Albrecht says part of the reason revenue exceeded their forecast this year is because the Revenue Estimating Conference is trying to be conservative with their estimates.

Governor Edwards announces Fibrebond will remain in Minden following indications from the company that it may leave due to the poor condition of bridges in north Louisiana that forced them to take a 247-mile detour to ship products west.  Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson…

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