09:30 Newscast February 3, 2015

A new poll conducted by the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics show that Governor Bobby Jindal’s numbers have slipped among Iowa Republican voters. Scott Carwile reports…

cut 1 (30) “reporting”

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office says a private healthcare company nurse, who serves the parish jail, is under arrest for conspiring to bring contraband into the facility. 26-year-old Tiffany Sonnier of Jeanerette admitted to the conspiracy to authorities. Sonnier is charged with introducing contraband into a penal institution and possession of Adderall. Officers found the narcotics in her possession during the booking process.

Retired Lieutenant General Russel Honore wants to see Louisiana implement an air monitoring system. He says the state has 150 chemical plants and no system in place to monitor what they put into the air. Honore says this automated air monitoring system should be paid for by the energy industry…

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Honore, who was in charge of military relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, now leads a coalition of environmental groups called the Green Army.

State Treasurer John Kennedy says Louisiana is in danger of seeing its credit score drop from stable to negative. He says the report, from Moody’s Investors Service, pointed to Louisiana’s multiple fiscal challenges including the $330 million dollar revenue forecast drop. But Kennedy while a downgrade is not certain, it’ll be up to the legislature to make some changes next session…

cut 9 (09) “we’ll be okay”

Kennedy says states have credit ratings just as individuals do.