LRN Newscast 16:30 February 2, 2015

The remains believed to be that of a pregnant Lecompte woman, missing since 2011, have been discovered. As a result, the woman arrested in connection with her disappearance now faces murder charges. The Oakdale Police Department received information about 22-year-old Victoria Perez’s murder, allegedly at the hands of 32 year-old Pamela Causey Fregia (fra GEE uh).
CUT 8 (06) Q: ‘after the fact’
That’s Allen Parish Sheriff Douglas Hebert.

There are many who are calling the Nationwide Super Bowl commercial -Make Safe Happen- in which a little boy dies at the end, inappropriate and too depressing. Several media experts say this negative reaction is not helping the company…
cut 12 (07) “Super Bowl advertising”
That’s Jensen Moore-Copple, who is an assistant professor of strategic communication with LSU’s Manship School.
According to Gasbuddy-dot-com, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline rose in Louisiana for the second week in a row. So, have seen the end of the four-month-long drop in prices at the pump?…
CUT 1 (29) “reporting”

A Louisiana Office of motor vehicles employee has been arrested, after an internal audit by OMV Supervisors revealed more than four thousand dollars showed up missing. After further investigation, State Police questioned 34 year-old Heather Prather of Baker, who admitted to the thefts and falsifying public records. She was arrested on felony theft.