13:30 Newscast January 28th, 2015

Sasol says they’re holding off on the 14 billion dollar gas to liquids plant phase due to tumbling oil prices. The energy giant says it’s working to conserve as much money as possible right now. LSU Center for Energy Studies Executive Director David Dismukes says there are several announced industry sites still out there in Louisiana and the farther one is from completion, the more likely it is a similar delay will take place…:
CUT 7 (08) “locked in”
If Sasol would have green-lighted this GTL plant it would have been the most expensive project in Louisiana history coming to a total of $22 billion when combined with the cracker.

A blaze in Ouachita Parish this morning claimed the life of the two occupants according to the State Fire Marshal’s office. They say the father of one of the victims heard a loud noise and called firefighters but by the time they got there the Calhou mobile home was complteley enfulged in flames. The cause remains under investigation.

Republican Congressman Steve Scalise has agreed to a meeting with two civil rights leaders in the aftermath of reports that Scalise spoke to a group of white supremacists in 2002. The Congressman has acknowledged it was a mistake to speak to the group and has apologized. Political analyst Clancy Dubos feels Scalise has been sincere in his remarks since the news came out…:
CUT 4 (11) “in all forms”
The pair want to ask Scalise to help advance civil and human rights issues, like the renewal of the Voting Rights Act.

Saints and Pelicans Owner Tom Benson has responded to a lawsuit filed by his daughter and two grandchildren. In a court filing, Benson says for years he attempted to groom Renee Benson and his two grandchildren to take over the professional franchises once he dies, but they never rose to the task. He adds the decision for his wife to take control of the teams following his death was a deliberate and reasoned decision.