PM LRN Newscall January 28

Republican Congressman Steve Scalise agrees to meet with two civil rights leaders in the aftermath of reports Scalise spoke to a group of white supremacists in 2002. Eric Gill has more…

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Sasol announces they are delaying a final investment decision on building a gas to liquids plant in the Lake Charles area. Michelle Southern reports.

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Republican Congressman Steve Scalise agrees to meet with two civil rights leaders in the aftermath of reports that the House Majority Whip spoke to a group of white supremacists in 2002. The pair want to ask Scalise to help advance civil and human rights issues, like the renewal of the Voting Rights Act. Political analyst Clancy Dubos thinks this is a good move for the Congressman…

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Dubos says this is a step Scalise can take to put some action behind the words he said in regards to the controversy. The Congressman has acknowledged it was a mistake to speak to the group and has apologized. Dubos feels Scalise has been sincere in his remarks since the news came out…

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The House Majority Whip will meet with former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial, President of the National Urban League, and Wade Henderson, President of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, next month. Dubos says Scalise should use this meeting as a real chance to communicate…

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Sasol says it’s delaying a final decision on whether or not it will invest in a proposed gas-to-liquids plant in southwest Louisiana. The South African energy company says they’re holding off on the 14 billion dollar phase of the project due to tumbling oil prices. LSU Center for Energy Studies Executive Director David Dismukes says not a surprise, considering the massive scope of the project with…:

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Sasol has already approved an $8.1 billion ethane cracker in Westlake but right now the company says they are working to conserve as much money as possible in the wake of falling oil prices. There are several other announced industry sites out there in Louisiana and Dismukes says the farther one is away from completion, the more likely a similar delay will take place:

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If Sasol green-lights this GTL plant, it would be the most expensive industrial project in Louisiana history, totaling $22 billion when combined with the cracker. Dismukes says this decision is reflective of what’s happening with the entire energy industry

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Slidell Police say a homeowner woke up this morning to find something quite unusual in his home. Detective Daniel Seuzeneau says the homeowner immediately called police and responding officers found 31-year-old Sharrod McCullum sound asleep on the victim’s sofa…

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The officers woke McCullum up and were able to arrest him without incident. Seuzeneau says the suspect appeared to be intoxicated. He says authorities discovered that McCullum forced entry through the rear door of the residence…

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McCullum faces one count of simple burglary and one count of criminal damage. Seuzeneau says other charges could be filed in the near future. He admits it’s funny, but scary at the same time to wake up and find a stranger sleeping in your house…

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The State Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating an early morning fire in Ouachita Parish that has claimed the lives of two people. Fire Marshal Butch Browning says the fire occurred around 5AM this morning at a mobile home in Calhoun…

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The identities of the man and woman who perished in the fire have not been released. The mobile home shared property with a house that is believed to belong to the father of one of the victims. Browning says the fire that destroyed the mobile home was very intense…

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Browning says officials are still working to determine the exact cause of the fire. He stresses it’s a very active investigation and information is very limited at this time…

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