LRN Sportscast 16:45 July 29

LSU athletics director Scott Woodward wants to change the transfer policy which has provided the academic side with millions of dollars generated by athletics. From 2012-to-2017, LSU athletics sent nearly 50-million dollars to the university. Woodward says it’s dangerous for a university to rely on recurring money from athletics
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That’s Woodward’s thoughts in an exclusive interview with Tiger Rag Radio.

Leaders of select schools gathered in Lafayette today to create a sub organization called the Louisiana Select Association. The L-S-A says this is not an attempt to break away from the LHSAA. One major duty for the Louisiana Select Association is to determine where championship events in football, basketball, baseball and softball should be played. Venues in New and Lafayette are potential sites.

The Saints released wide receiver Cam Meredith today. The Black and Gold signed Meredith during the 2018 offseason after he missed all of 2017 with a torn ACL. He caught 66 passes in Chicago in 2016, but his knee has not responded to major surgery, plus some younger receivers have looked impressive at camp, including rookie undrafted free agent Emmanuel Butler from Northern Arizona.

Coach Sean Payton says defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins will likely won’t be back for training camp as he continues to rehab from a torn Achilles. Defensive end Cam Jordan says they have enough talent to fill in until Rankins is ready…
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