LRN PM Newscall July 29

Medical Marijuana may be available in Louisiana sometime early next month. Matt Doyle has the story…

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A New Orleans judge says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and three referees should have to answer questions under oath in September about the infamous blown call in the NFC Title game. Jeff Palermo has more….

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Ag Commissioner Mike Strain says final testing is underway on medical marijuana produced by LSU’s grower, which means the product could be commercially available early next week. Strain says this is good news for the patients who are eligible for a medical marijuana prescription as outlined by the Legislature….

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If approved the products will be available at nine licensed pharmacies around the state.

GB Sciences grew the medical pot, with oversight by LSU, and Ag Department workers picked up randomly selected vials of the product from them this morning.

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The medical marijuana will be available in liquid form that will be dropped under the tongue or put into an inhaler for patients that need a faster response.

Medical marijuana was authorized in Louisiana four years ago, and proponents have hammered the state after the product was repeatedly delayed, but Strain says relative to most new treatments, this didn’t take very long…

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The treatment reportedly will not be covered by insurance, but an LSU Ag Center spokesperson says they expect the products to be cheaper than many CBD oils currently available.


The Tangipahoa Parish Public School System is the latest in the state to uncover a potential cybersecurity issue.  LSU’s Stephenson National Center for Security Research Executive Director Jeff Moulton says it is likely happening due to the systems being easy targets, but could potentially be more malicious.

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This comes on the heels of the news that cybersecurity issues in Sabine, Morehouse, and Ouachita Parishes sparked a statewide emergency declaration.  Moulton says it’s not likely that the hacks are being human-curated, but rather happening due to automated scripts on the search for vulnerabilities.

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Moulton says much of the malware is spread through email, so be careful when opening links or attachments.

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A missing person case in Avoyelles Parish ends in tragedy after authorities discover a body, and pin the brutal murder on the woman’s son and his girlfriend.

Kasey Bigum was last seen May 30th, and Sherriff Doug Anderson says they now believe that’s when she was murdered by 20-year-Tristin James, her son.

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Authorities believe James and his girlfriend, 18-year-old Hannah Desselle, then drove the body away dumped it. Anderson says after they arrested the two last week, Desselle fessed up.

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The body was found in a wooded area 20 miles south of Moreauville in Big Bend.

Anderson says the two didn’t seem to be fazed by the act, because they didn’t even report the mom missing for nearly three weeks after the murder and kept a straight face when they did report it.

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The two were already in jail on obstruction charges when they were charged with 2nd degree murder.


For years the LSU athletic department has used a portion of its revenues to help fund the academic side of the university. But in an exclusive interview with Tiger Rag Magazine, athletics director Scott Woodward says the transfer policy is being re-evaluated because they can not sustain what they are currently doing…

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From 2012-to-2017, LSU athletics sent nearly 50-million dollars to the university. Woodward says it’s dangerous for a university to rely on recurring money from athletics

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LSU Senior Associate Athletics Director Robert Munson says they are working with the university to alter the transfer policy and a change would need approval from the president and the LSU Board of Supervisors.