6:30 LRN newscast July 29

Three nonpartisan good government groups have joined forces in an effort to get the candidates for governor and the legislature to discuss details on what they plan to do if elected. The Council for a Better Louisiana is one of the organizations involved in RESET Louisiana’s Future and CABL president Barry Erwin says
Cut 13 (11) “…as well”
So far in Louisiana’s governor’s race, the candidates have not provided much when it comes to their plans on improving the state.

Nationwide, people struggle at saving money. A CNBC survey shows 75% of Americans refuse to seek out help regarding financial planning. Baton Rouge financial advisor Pete Bush believes there are a variety of reasons why…
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Bush says if you are one of those who feel uncomfortable about talking with a financial advisor, consult with a friend or family member already working with one.

A new child passenger safety law goes into effect Thursday. Under the new law, children 12 and under must be restrained in the back seat. And State Police Lt. Nick Manale says children are required to remain in car seats or boosters in the back seat of vehicles for as long as is appropriate for a child’s age and according to the car seat manufacturer’s instructions and height and weight limitations…
cut 11 (10) “…seat for longer”
Manale says the law is a primary offense, which means if an officer sees a child is not restrained at all, the officer can pull that vehicle over.