LRN AM Newscall July 29

Super ATV has opened its manufacturing and distribution in Shreveport that will employ 75 workers.

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State Police say parents with young children should be aware a new child safety seat law goes into effect Thursday. Kevin Barnhart has the story…

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Election season will soon ramp up and good government groups want the candidates talk about detailed plans, instead of rheotric. Jeff Palermo has more…

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Super ATV’s new manufacturing and distribution center in Shreveport is open. It will employ 75 workers. The Indiana based company specialiizes in aftermarket parts for ATVs and UTVs. North Louisiana Economic Partnership President Scott Martinez says Super ATV is a great addition to the Sportsman’s paradise

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Martinez says Super ATV’s new Shreveport site will support product manufacturing and delivery across the United States…

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Martinez says Super ATV expects to generate the highest sales volume from Shreveport for its axles, portal gear lifts, mud tires and lift kits

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Nationwide, people struggle at saving money. A CNBC survey shows 75% of Americans refuse to seek out help regarding financial planning. Baton Rouge financial advisor Pete Bush believes there are a variety of reasons why…

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Additionally, a survey indicates 1 in 3 Americans have saved nothing for retirement.   Bush says the best way to move towards being comfortable about talking with a financial advisor is to consult with a friend or family member that may be working with a financial advisor already.

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Bush says financial advising is all about confidence.

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A new child safety seat law goes into effect August 1st and it’s considered the best in the country by national safety experts.  State Police Lt. Nick Manale says the new laws reflect some of the best practices that safety experts have pushed for years.

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The new law requires anyone under 13 to ride in the backseat.  Manale says the idea behind the law isn’t to add any more grief or inconvenience for parents but to keep kids in protective categories even longer.

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Manale says for many years the state had fallen behind on the trends of car seat safety, but firmly believes the new law is changing that.

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Three nonpartisan good government groups have joined forces in an effort to get the candidates for governor and the legislature to discuss details on what they plan to do if elected. The Council for a Better Louisiana is one of the organizations involved in RESET Louisiana’s Future and CABL president Barry Erwin says

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So far in Louisiana’s governor’s race, the candidates have not provided much when it comes to their plans on improving the state, instead, the ads have centered around President Donald Trump and Governor Edwards’ current term. Erwin says they want to change the conversation to focus on these issues…

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The Committee of 100 and the Public Affairs Research Council are also part of RESET Louisiana’s Future and they’ve raised 500-thousand dollars that they’ll use to spend on digital ads, speaking in front of town hall meetings and chamber of commerce events. Erwin says they’ve also met with the gubernatorial candidates

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Saints quarterback Drew Brees is going through his 19th training camp and Who Dats hope it’s not his last in Black and Gold. Brees showed signs at the end of last season and into the playoffs that maybe Father Time is finally catching up to him. But the Hall of Fame QB he continues to prepare to hold Father Time back…

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The 40-year-old Brees is the fourth oldest player in the NFL. Saints defensive end Cam Jordan is not worried about number nine

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On the defensive side of the ball, Saints Coach Sean Payton says defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins will likely won’t be back for training camp as he continues to rehab from a torn Achilles. Jordan says they have enough talent to fill in until Rankins is ready…