8:30 LRN newscast July 27

A Lafayette judge is the target of scrutiny after ordering a bailiff to tape a defendant’s mouth shut. 15th Judicial District Court Judge Marilyn Castle had Michael Duhon’s mouth taped after multiple interruptions. Was the judge in the right? Longtime Lafayette Attorney Tommy Guilbeau…
Cut 9 (08) “…can do it.”
The ACLU calls the act dehumanizing.

Senate President John Alario is retiring from the Louisiana legislature as he has decided not to seek a seat in the House, since he’s term-limited in the Senate. Alario has spent 48 years in the legislature. His biggest regret, failing to pass major tax reform…
cut 8 (11) “…going around”

The folks at the Circle T Cattle Company in Church Point are so serious about the love for a prized cow, they’ve had it cloned. Kevin Barnhart has the story.
Voicer 2 (32) “…I’m Kevin Barnhart”

The USA Waterfowl Calling Championships are this weekend in Lafayette at the Louisiana Outdoor Expo and Boat Show. Expo organizer Rob Kirkpatrick…
cut 13 (09) “…on Sunday”
The Louisiana Outdoor Expo and Boat Show is at the Cajundome Convention Center.