LRN Newscall 06:30 January 28

Louisiana’s December labor numbers are in and once again the state broke employment records. Scott Carwile has more…
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In a court filing, Saints and Pelicans Owner Tom Benson says his daughter and two grandchildren, who are suing over his new succession plan, never rose to the task as he attempted to groom them to take over his professional franchises. The filing was in response to a lawsuit filed by Benson’s daughter, Renee, and two grandchildren, who claim Mr. Benson, is not mentally fit to make important decisions.

Studies show more and more women are buying guns and becoming more familiar with how to use them. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, 74 percent of gun shops saw growth in female customers in 2013. Barret Kendrick, a firearms trainer in Covington, says they have seen a major increase in the number of women coming into the gun market….
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Kendrick says he’s found many of his female students go from being scared of weapons to really enjoying a training course and having fun.