AM Newscall January 28th, 2015

The Boudin King Cake idea has gone completely viral as people demand to have one right away. Michelle Southern reports.

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Studies show more and more women are buying guns and becoming more familiar with how to use them. Michelle Southern reports.

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Louisiana’s December labor numbers are in and once again the state broke employment records. Scott Carwile has more….

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What is the first thing you think of when you hear “Boudin King Cake?” Well it’s out there. The brains behind the now crazy viral concept is Acadiana food critic Bob Carriker who is a UL-Lafayette history professor. He says he reviews King Cakes and Boudin from all over the nation and decided to combine the two and share the idea on his Facebook Page…:

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Carriker says the now-famous King Cake uses a bread that is savory, not sweet, stuffed with boudin, topped with Steen’s cane syrup then sprinkled with cracklin. He says his idea immediately went viral so he ran down to a local baker, Billy Guilbeaux who co-owns Twins Burgers and Sweets with his twin Denny…:

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Guilbeaux says they began cooking and selling the Boudin King Cake which each comes with its own bottle of Steen’s, and within 2 hours they had used 120 containers of the cane syrup and had to run to Abbeville to get 700 more. Carriker says he’s gotten messages from Alaska, New York, Washington and California all with people who want one…:

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Studies show more and more women are buying guns and becoming more familiar with how to use them. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, 74 percent of gun shops saw growth in female customers in 2013. Barret Kendrick, a firearms trainer in Covington, says they have seen a major increase in the number of women coming into the gun market.

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Kendrick says women want to be able to protect themselves and their children and not feel like they have to rely on a man to protect them. He says three years ago he’d see just one or two females in a concealed carry training course…:

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Kendrick says he’s found many of his female students go from being scared of weapons to really enjoying a training course and having fun. He believes the trend of women becoming involved with guns will keeping getting bigger…:

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Labor numbers for December show it was another record breaking month for Louisiana employment. Louisiana Workforce Commission director Curt Eysink, says total nonfarm employment grew to 1,992,000, as private employers added 34-thousand jobs over the year. He says professional businesses services is one of their strongest sectors for job growth

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Louisiana’s unemployment rate continues to go up, even though the number of people who are employed is also increasing. Eysink says the higher unemployment rate is not because of layoffs, but because more people are looking for jobs

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The statewide unemployment rate for December was six-point-seven percent, up one-point-three percent from the year before. Eysink says they hope the number of people employed continues to go up, even though weak oil prices are leading to layoffs in the oil industry

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The Louisiana High School Athletic Association’s annual convention begins today and the main agenda item is the current split of the football playoffs. There is a proposal to expand the postseason split of public and private schools to other sports. But new LHSAA executive director, Eddie Bonine, is asking schools to give him a year to come up with a proposal a bulk of the schools are pleased with…

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Bonine, who was hired in December, has spent the last couple of weeks talking with schools and getting their input. He believes since he’s new on the job, the best course of action is to stay with the split football playoffs for another year, so they can work on a better solution

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The LHSAA voted in 2013 to split the football playoffs, because of concerns private schools had certain advantages over public schools. Bonine says he wants more time to dive into the issues that created the split and work with schools on a plan that will make it more equitable for teams to win a championship

(A vote on the football playoff proposals will take place Friday.)

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