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This time of year can be the hottest in Louisiana, but this week the state is receiving relief from a rare mid-summer cold front cutting humidity and bringing north Canadian air into the bayou state.  State Climatologist Barry Keim advises everyone not to waste this nice weather and find an excuse to get outside.

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The nicest weather takes place today and tomorrow with clear skies in the forecast as well.

Louisiana Senior Senator Bill Cassidy says the men and women who work for Customs and Border Patrol are stretched thin and need more resources. Cassidy came to that conclusion after touring border operations in McAllen, Texas

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Cassidy called for an overhaul of the asylum and immigration system.

Members of Louisiana’s Congressional Delegation questioned Special Counsel Robert Mueller today about Russian election interference and allegations of criminal conduct by the President…

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Members of the Media are touring LSU’s new privately funded 25-million-dollar football operations center that’s come under fire from some who say it’s representative of misplaced priorities in Louisiana higher education. The construction has been praised by players and those in the sports world as a world-class complex that will help the team recruit the finest talent from around the country, but opponents say the school should be focusing on emphasizing the need for donations to repair LSU’s crumbling library.