LRN PM Newscall May 31

The controversy surrounding the bill that bans fetal heartbeat abortions spilled into budget discussions on the Senate floor. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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A Senate-approved bill targeting labeling restrictions for plant-based meats, non-animal-based milks, and cauliflower rice clears another legislative hurdle.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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The state Senate approves a 30-billion dollar budget for next fiscal year and the controversy over the fetal heartbeat abortion bill spilled into the debate. New Orleans Senator and chairwoman of the state Democratic Party , Karen Carter Peterson, tried to steer more money towards the state’s foster care system, because getting an abortion will be more difficult in Louisiana…

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Governor Edwards has signed one of the nation’s most restrictive abortion bills into law. If the federal courts uphold a similar law in Mississippi, than abortions would be outlawed in Louisiana once doctors detects the heartbeat of a fetus, usually six weeks into a pregnancy. Peterson says foster care will need more money…

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Peterson also proposed to increase state dollars for prenatal care for woman and sex education, but those amendments were defeated by both Republicans and Democrats. Senate Finance Chairman Eric LaFleur says the legislature is getting close to passing a budget the can be proud of…

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The House and Senate still have to settle their differences with the spending plan. The Senate supports an additional 39-million dollars for public schools, but the House seeks a higher teacher pay raise than the one proposed by the governor.


The House Ag Committee advances a Senate-approved bill that would prohibit Louisiana manufacturers from labeling foods such as of cauliflower rice as rice when it doesn’t contain rice.  Ag Commissioner Mike Strain said the measure aims to ensure proper nutrition and safety for consumers.

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Opponents of the bill say it will also be a hindrance to manufacturers who specialize in producing plant-based meat imitation products, but Colfax Representative Terry Brown says that is not the case.

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Spokesperson for the plant-based meat producer Impossible Foods, Tyler Jameson says their company would never trick consumers into thinking they are eating meat from livestock, adding the bill would limit the right to free speech.

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Jameson adds that not only are the current marketing materials clear they offer plant-based meat products, but the consumer demand is there for the products.

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The bill moved forward without any objecting votes.


Houma Representative Beryl Amadee withdraws her bill that would extend Stand Your Ground legal protections to houses of worship amid concerns it creates loopholes that incentivize violence.

Amadee says her legislation had the backing of the Louisiana Family Forum, Louisiana Baptist Association, and even consultation from AG Jeff Landry and the NRA.

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The law stated in the event someone shoots a person in a house of worship and claims self-defense, that there is a legal presumption that force was reasonable, making it harder to prosecute them.

The Terrebone Parish Republican says a limited survey of shootings shows the “good guy with a gun” can save lives in the event of a mass shooting.

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But opponents say the legislation could extend to interpersonal conflicts, and poorly defines what a “justifiable threat” is in a church. Senate Judiciary B Chairman Gary Smith appreciated the gesture, but…

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Beer and wine could be available for purchase in the general seating areas in Tiger Stadium this year as the SEC has lifted its stadium wide ban on alcohol sales. Tiger Rag Editor James Moran says LSU has been a driving force behind this rule change

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The policy change gives the 14 schools in the SEC the ability to draw up their own alochol sale policy. Some schools may decide not to sell alcohol in the general seating areas, but Moran says LSU believes beer and wine sales can help keep Tiger Stadium full in the second half of games

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Moran says beer and wine sales at football, basketball and baseball games could be big revenue generator for LSU…

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