1:30 LRN Newscast May 31

A Senate-approved bill targeting labeling restrictions for plant-based meats, non-animal-based milks, and cauliflower rice clears another legislative hurdle. Kevin Barnhart has the story.
cut 2 (33) I’m Kevin Barnhart”

The SEC has lifted a ban on stadium-wide alcohol sales. LSU has pushed for beer sales as a way to generate more revenue and keep fans in their seat longer in Tiger Stadium. So, expect to see beer and wine sales at LSU sporting events in the general seating areas starting this fall.

The Louisiana Senate has approved a budget, but before the vote, New Orleans Senator Karen Carter Peterson pushed for more state dollars for foster care, because getting an abortion will become more difficult if a fetal heartbeat abortion bill goes into effect….
cut 4 (06) “…uterus”
The amendment was defeated, but many Democrats like Peterson are upset Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards signed the bill.

Houma Representative Beryle Amedee’s proposal to extend Stand Your Ground laws to places of worship has been tabled for the session. Amedee made the decision to involuntarily defer the bill and Senate Judiciary Committee B Chairman Gary Smith believes Amedee has made the right decision…
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