4:30 PM Newscast

A WWL-TV report says Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser has State Police troopers drive him everywhere he goes, but he still receives 84-hundred dollars in annual salary to drive a personal vehicle to work. The report also claims that his staffers were getting paid by taxpayers while work on his re-election campaign.  Nungesser is up for re-election this year, but no major challengers have surfaced. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says Nungesser has some explaining to do….

Cut 5 (07) “…for Nungesser”

Nungesser says he rides with troopers only part of the time.

A bill that would have required producers of “almond milk” to label their product something other than milk has had an amendment added that would only allow the law to go into effect if similar regulations are approved at the federal level.  Ag Commissioner Mike Strain says the legislation now represents a show of support for federal efforts.

Cut 9 (07) “…United States.

Louisiana Tech has launched the school’s inaugural Giving Day. President of the Student Advancement team Maddie Patton says that donor can select if they want their money going toward the general school fund helping students attend Louisiana Tech through scholarships or toward fixing the damage from last week’s EF-3 tornado that impacted the Ruston area.

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To donate, visit LouisianaTechGivingDay.org.

On a narrow vote, the House Criminal Justice Committee approves a bill that expands the state’s stand your ground law to protect an individual who may have to use deadly force in churches. The measure passed on a nine to eight vote as Democrats on the panel voted against the legislation. Baton Rouge Representative Ted James has concerns about the bill…

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