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A WWL-TV report says Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser has State Police troopers drive him everywhere he goes, but he still receives 84-hundred dollars in annual salary to drive a personal vehicle to work. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says says legislative auditor should look into this…
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The WWL-TV report also claims that his staffers were getting paid by taxpayers while work on his re-election campaign. The Lt. Governor says he rides with troopers only part of the time.
A bill that would have required producers of “almond milk” to label their product something other than milk has had an amendment added that would only allow the law to go into effect if similar regulations are approved at the federal level. Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain they look forward to the feds requiring almond milk to change it’s name.
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Storm weary Louisiana Tech is holding its first ever Giving Day today. Kevin Barnhart has more…
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The USA Today Network is reporting that Vice President Mike Pence will visit St. Landry Parish Friday to meet with faith leaders of the three churches that burned down in an alleged case of racially motivated arson. 21-year-old Holden Matthews, the son of a St. Landry deputy, has been arrested in connection to the crimes, and two million dollars has been raised on a GoFundMe page for the recovery efforts.