5:30 Newscast

Multiple people were found dead at a home in suburban New Orleans Wednesday morning. Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office captain Jason Rivarde says three of the deceased individuals are two children and the other is an adult. He says they are trying to determine if this was a murder-suicide…
Cut 7 (08) “…the residence”

Rivarde did not provide details on how the individuals were killed or the relationship of the victims.

A one-year-old boy is hospitalized and his mother and her boyfriend face child abuse and hate crime charges. St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s office Major Ginny Higgins says they received a report about possible child abuse from the Iberia Police Department, but later leaned the abuse took place in St. Martin Parish…

Cut 3 (08) “…victim’s mother.”

There’s another delay in the production of medical marijuana. Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain is the regulator of the state’s medical marijuana program and he claims LSU and its private grower, GB Sciences, violated law by moving cannabis plants from a temporary pod to the main growing facility. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says it’s unclear when medical marijuana will be available to the patients who have been waiting to purchase the drug.

Cut 13 (10) “…backwards.”

Pinsonat says the Edwards administration may need to get involved in order for the product to become available to eligible patients.

Colorectal cancer is the number two cancer killer in the United States and Louisiana ranks 34th in screenings for the disease. Shreveport doctor and Gastrointestinal Specialist James Hobley says these numbers can stem from misconceptions of who is most affected by the cancer…
Cut 9 (08) “…tested.”