LRN PM Newscall January 29

A new study shows a connection between poor sleep and plaque buildup in the arteries.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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21-year-old Dakota Theriot has allegedly confessed to killing five people during a shooting spree in Livingston and Ascension Parishes. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology has discovered an association between poor sleep and plaque buildup in arteries throughout the body, which can cause issues such as strokes and heart attacks.  Chief of Cardiology at LSU Health New Orleans Dr. Frank Smart says he’s hesitant to say the blockages are a result of the poor sleep.

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Smart says while it is known that getting enough sleep as well as quality of sleep are important factors, he adds that it’s import to exercise and not be sedentary while awake.

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Smart says in the study, in one subgroup of women who got over 8 hours of sleep, it showed there was an increase in plaque buildup.

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It’s been four years since the legislature approved legislation to allow Louisiana patients who suffer from certain diseases have access to medical marijuana, but you still can’t get it. Some families are frustrated that the process has been delayed once again, this time with a treatment availability estimated at early summer. Katie Corkern is a mother of a child who suffers from epilepsy.

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Since then the legislature has passed legislation expanding the number of diseases that could be treated with medical cannabis.

GB Sciences is working with LSU to grow the medicine and they say the testing process has been slow going, and last year the Department of Agriculture laid out an extensive process that would need to be followed in order for the plant to be approved. Corkern says the bureaucratic delays are suspicious.

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Corkern believes medical marijuana could be used to replace some of her child’s current medications, medications that have severe side effects. She says every month the state delays, is another month her child has to suffer.

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LSU and Southern are the two universities who have put in charge with the production of medical marijuana. GB Sciences has partnered with LSU.


Authorities say they have obtained a confession from 21-year-old Dakota Theriot, the south Louisiana man accused of killing his parents in Ascension Parish and then three others in Livingston Parish during Saturday shooting spree. Livingston Sheriff Jason Ard says Theriot is cooperating with detectives…

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Ard says Theriot lived with the Ernest family in their trailer outside of Walker for about two weeks, because he was kicked out of his parents home in Gonzales.

Investigators say Theriot’s violent rampage started Saturday morning when he killed his girlfriend 20-year-old Summer Ernest, her brother and father, with a single gunshot wound to the head. Theriot allegedly stole a pickup truck belonging to one of the victim’s, 43-year-old Billy Ernest and drove to Gonzales to kill his parents. Ascension Sheriff Bobby Webre

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Theriot was arrested Sunday morning in Virginia in the driveway of his grandmother’s home. He’s currently in the Richmond County, Virginia jail and an extradition hearing is set for Friday morning. Theriot faces five counts of first-degree murder when he returns to Louisiana. Webre says the suspected killer is eligible for the death penalty if convicted…

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Freezing temps will be blanketing a chunk of the state as far south as the I-10 corridor.  State Climatologist Barry Keim says tomorrow will be the most brutal of the cold temps, especially for the northern portions of the state.

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Keim says tomorrow will be a very brisk day, saying it’s one of the coldest points of the winter so far for the state as Lousiana has only had a couple of other arctic outbreaks to rival this one.

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Keim says now is the time protect people, plants, pets and pipes.

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