2:30 LrN Newscast Jan 29

Authorities say 21-year-old Dakota Theriot has confessed to killing his parents in Gonzales and three others in Livingston Parish. But Ascension Sheriff Bobby Webre says they are not sure what sparked Theriot to go on his killing rampage on Saturday….
cut 10 (06) “….motive exactly”
Theriot is in a jail cell in Virginia and is awaiting extradition back to Louisiana. He faces five counts of first-degree murder.

Families who have loved ones who could use medical marijuana to treat their disease are growing more frustrated over the delays to have the product available in Louisiana. It’s now expected to be available in the summer. Katie Corkern has a child that suffers from epilepsy and says every month the state delays, another month her child has to suffer..
cut 8 (11) “…to half”
The state department of ag says the testing process has taken longer than expected.

New research shows people who sleep less than six hours a night might be at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The study indicates there’s an association between the lack of quality sleep and more plaque buildup in the arteries throughout the body. Chief of Cardiology at LSU Health New Orleans, Doctor Frank Smart, says getting enough sleep as well as quality sleep are important factors, he adds that it’s import to exercise and not be sedentary while awake.
Cut 4 (08) “…of blocked arteries.″

Freezing temps will blanket a chunk of the state as far south as the I-10 corridor tomorrow morning. State Climatologist Barry Keim says
Cut 12 (06) “…points northward.”
Keim says we are looking at one of the coldest mornings of the season tomorrow, but we’ll start warm up after that and we’ll 70s again this weekend.