15:30 LRN Newsast January 25

A big vote went down today at the LHSAA annual convention that now gives private schools the ability to play its championship games in the sports of football, basketball, baseball and softball at a venue that’s different from public schools. Teurlings Catholic principal Mike Boyer says the school with the higher seed in a championship game decides where the game will be held…
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But it likely means private schools can’t play state championship football games at the Dome.

The Sunshine Bridge in St. James Parish will be shut down from Saturday morning until Monday morning for major repair work on the structure struck by a crane barge in October. DOTD says this should be the last time the bridge is shut off to traffice through the end of the scheduled repairs.

150 dogs were seized and taken to the St. John the Baptist Animal Shelter, and the shelter is asking for volunteers and donations to help with the influx of rescues. Matt Doyle has more.
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Before President Trump announced that an agreement had been reached to end the government shutdown, Senator Bill Cassidy question the intergrity of the NFL for its blown pass interference call in the NFC title game…
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