LRN PM Newscall Jan 25

The small Allen Parish town of Oakdale has been feeling the effects of the federal government shutdown. Connor Ferrill explains why…

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150 dogs were seized and taken to the St. John the Baptist Animal Shelter, and the shelter is asking for volunteers and donations to help with the huge influx of rescues. Matt Doyle has more.

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In the small Allen Parish town of Oakdale, about 150 federal workers are celebrating the news that the federal government shutdown is ending. Oakdale is home to a federal prison and immigration detention facility. Oakdale Mayor Gene Paul says several families in his town have been struggling…

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Paul says the federal workers he spoke with, didn’t like being caught up in a dispute over border wall funding

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Paul says the town of Oakldale is giving federal workers an extension to pay their utility bills…

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150 dogs were seized in an animal cruelty bust, and now the St. John the Baptist Animal Shelter is seeking volunteers and donations to help with the influx of abused dogs. Shelter Manager Rachael Sance says the dogs are at a healthy weight, but arrived with a number of ailments.

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Sance says it’s the largest single influx of dogs the shelter has ever seen, the next largest being 40 last year from another cruelty case.

Despite the deplorable living conditions, Sance says many of the dogs are ready for a supportive family to foster or adopt them. She says if you are interested in a canine companion, the shelter will provide new owners with a crate, food, medical supplies, and other supplies.

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Sance does not recommend bringing one of the rescues into a home with young children.

The shelter is seeking a variety of goods from generous donors to help cope with the pack, including cleaning supplies like bleach and towels, along with dog food. Sance says there’s a number of ways the public can help, including helping socialize the dogs, and giving direct donations.

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The investigation has been referred to as a “hoarding” case, but details about the alleged hoarder, or hoarders have not been made available yet.


Senator Bill Cassidy took to the Senate floor today and said he wants the NFL to answer two questions in the wake of the infamous “no-call” from the NFC Championship game. One, how did the NFL grade the referees’ performance, and two, were the refs biased….

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Cassidy says the lack of public acknowledgement of the substantial officiating error is jeopardizing the NFL’s relationship with their fans, and its reputation as the top professional league in the country. He says the address this, the league should release its internal grading of the NFC Championship officials.

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Four out of the seven officials on the Championship crew are reportedly from California, and the LA area in particular. Cassidy says that raises some serious questions about their ability to impartially officiate a tight game.

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Three flights at Monroe Regional Airport had to be canceled today because T-S-A agents did not show up for work. Public Relations Media Coordinator for the City of Monroe Rod Washington says the government shutdown’s negative effects aren’t limited to disgruntled TSA agents delayed pay…

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Washington says all later flights appear to be on schedule with some support on the way…

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Staffing shortages are also impacted flights at New York’s LaGuardia, Newark and Philadelphia airports.


A major change is coming on where high school championship games will be played. LHSAA principals have voted to allow “select” schools to host its title games in football, basketball, baseball and softball sites separate from public schools. Teurlings Catholic Principal Mike Boyer says it’s a good day for the LHSAA…

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Boyer says the school that has the higher seed in the championship game will decide where the game will be held